Dont Buy The Sun / James McVey Concert

Saturday 24th September 2011, saw a gathering of some of the countries finest bands and musicians come together and perform a special concert in memory of James McVey and hounoring the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

On the bill along with The Sums where Mick Jones (The Clash / B.A.D) with The Farm & Pete Wylie,Β  John Power (Cast),Β  Ian Prowse (Amsterdam) who’s band included Martin Campbell from The Lightning Seeds/Richard Ashcroft; The Tea Street Band also took to the stage to perform infront of the 1500 strong crowd at The Olympia, Liverpool. The suprise appearance from The La’s never materialised for reasons beyond our knowledge, and James Dean Bradfield from The Manic Street Preachers was unable to attend due to family commitments. The Sound Of Guns must of been firing blanks that night as they to had other commitments, i’d like to say they where missed but i’d be lying.

The Sums set list was short and sweet as was everyones set, opening with ‘Is’ . Digsy felt it right to open with ‘Is’ as when he played with Smaller at the first Hillsborough Concert at Anfield, that was the opening track.

the sums

Digsy, “I wanted to open with Is because thats the first song we played at Anfield, it just felt right for us to do it, we never came to plug our album, its not about that, its about coming together as one city and standing up and also we are dedicating this night in memory of James McVey which is something i also hold close.Β  ”

Secondly came Vegatable followed by 2 tracks from the bands new album ‘If only’, Scared Of Missing Out & Who Cares.

Chris Mullin, ” The whole night and its prupose was spot on, our set was short but to the point, all the way through i could hear the crowd singing along to who cares, but i couldnt see them, i remember the lights coming on the crowd and i could see everyone singing along, and i know a lot of these people have never been to a gig of ours before, but they knew the track which is a masisve bonus.”

“It was a great evening and the turnout was superb, i would of loved to play more songs and it was great catching up with some of the other bands on the bill, it was really great to be a part of it all.” Say’s guitarist Lee Watson.

All bands and artist partied on till the early hours in Liverpools Sir Thomas Hotel, and dummer Chris Campbell ended the night with a stage dive into a pint glass, ouch…. Dont worry though folks, no serious injuries occured… However it did knock some sense into him!!!

Sshhh we never said that!