Mull’s Moan’s – Beast-enders


What a load of shite, television is not particularly good anyway, but fuck me!! EastEnders has got to be one of the worst things I have ever seen.  I don’t watch it but if my missus has the telly on I sometimes find myself observing the utter nonsense & being pulled in and experiencing the perfetic shambles of a soap..  Did I say soap?  Haha soap is meant to clean you, this stupid depressing boring load of shite leaves you feeling depressed and suicidal there is fuck all clean about this soap boys and girls!!

Okay so it’s been on our screens for years now, not sure how many and I’m certainly not going to Google it. So let’s say 20 years or whatever, arsed..

How the bloody hell has such shite lasted so long?  Seriously what’s all that about? Are you all nuts? Or am i just missing the crafted scripts and superior acting skills, am i the mad one? I think not!

I’ve been thinking back to when I was younger and it was on and it’s the same old nonsense. Everyone fucking hates each other, they batter each other, rob each other’s babies, sell shit in their market stores, threaten to set the Michelins on to them and then have a pint in the vic.

If that Albert square was a real place would I fuck want to move there, would you? Murders, rapists, drug addicts, prostitutes, thieves, con men, plastic gangster/mechanic/ cracks heads , baby swappers, hit and runners, everyone shagging each others husband/wife; you name it the squares got it.. Surprised they haven’t had a terrorist attack yet. oops best watch my mouth, don’t want to offend anyone (honest).  However I am massively offended by the shite choice of prime time television offered to us hard working citizens of the united fucked up kingdom, is this all we are worth?

There is only about 20 houses in the square and you’ve got all this to contend with..

Every time I’ve been around the house watched a bit of an episode it’s the same old bollocks, someone’s having a badddd time, blow the bastard place up… Why doesn’t someone make a happy soap?  give people hope and let them see that life is not all that grim, i don’t watch much TV at all coz its basically shite and unfortunately brainwashes a lot of gullible people but i tell you that that program has to be in my eyes one of the most degrading insulting piles of shite ever to be witnessed by my eyes.. Each to their own, you may disagree, personally i couldn’t give a fuck…