Mull’s Moan’s Part 1- xFuctor

I love a good moan; we all love a good moan. Moaning is healthy, and as the old saying goes ‘better out than in’. So here goes, let the moaning begin.

X factor or should I say X fucking factor!!

I hate it, and yes I think it is ruined real music today. It’s not giving room to hardworking bands and artists who choose not to sell their soul to the man!

Why? Well for a start the charts and press are dominated by the same over produced predictable plop music!! Yes plop music, and not even decent pop songs, just shite… The  whole nation is brainwashed by a glorified karaoke competition into thinking that these people are really talented, I mean don’t get me wrong some of these people do have decent voices and they might look the part, but at the end of the day they are simply boil in the bag celebrities with a short shelf life, they are a piece of cloth with an adidas sign sewn on, they are a tin of beans, a box of Lego, just another product that is being produced to make the powers that be richer, they are doing this by means of a huge real life pantomime show that they involve you in, and all they want in return is your money and in return you get a singing robot!!

People have set their standards without realizing it, it’s no wonder the charts are full of shit because we allow it to happen.   I actually genuinely feel sorry for these contestants as they too are just as brainwashed as the viewer!!!

These poor little fuckers are told they are amazing and a star in the making etc etc.. Bollocks!!! Get yourself in a band or learn an instrument and write a real song or be a part of real music in the making and see what it’s really like to have the twatting x factor!!!

Most of these people have never had to borrow money for the hire of a van and sit on wheel arches being bumped around the back with drums guitar cases and amps smashing into you for 9 hours in the middle of winter and dying for a piss only to find the next service station is 27 miles away!!!! No they get nice big hotels on wheels and luxury jets, the ‘celeb’ lifestyle and all that nonsense. Only to find one day it will be taken away as quick as it was given.

Anyway where was I?
Right ok, I’ve lost my thought now….
Here it is…

I don’t want to sound like I am over opinionated but I do have an opinion and a strong one it is, so take it or leave it, so continue reading or stop now and call me a dick head who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, I don’t have anything against anyone who wants to watch this shite on TV, and I occasionally sit and watch bits to confirm to myself how right I am.

I am just passionate about what I do and I don’t think its right to see fucking idiots milking the viewers with their stupid sad story about this being their last chance and it’s now or never etc!! Piss off shitty TV producers playing the sad song while you hear the stories about being bullied at school and singing is all i have got, then builds to a massive chorus and brings a tear to your eye. Not me mate!!!  !! Last Friday you where runner up in the karaoke contest in your local pub and now you’re on the telly!! Woooo. So fucking what!! YOU DONT DESERVE IT!

Also I used to laugh at the first few episodes where they have the really crap ones who come from all different walks and forms if life, some are arguably not human, I don’t find this funny anymore, it’s out of order, they are humiliating people who they know have no musical talent and putting them on television knowing they are gonna get the laughed at and have the piss taken out of them, it’s wrong… These people are shite i know  but these same people have been through a process of auditions that you don’t see on telly, i know amazing singers who have failed to get past that stage yet they put 3 headed chicken farmers through to live auditions so you can take the piss out of some poor deluded individual. Therefore and I won’t go into it, but before the show starts they have a good idea of their winner, it’s just finding the right piece for their pre planned jigsaw…

Sorry I’m off again…. Bad idea this moaning blog thing I had some really good things I wanted to include but can’t remember now because all I am thinking about is that shower of twats dominating our ears!!