L.S. Media Rating ****

There are fewer finer sights than to see a man in full flight on a stage at the Zanzibar. Peter ‘Digsy’ Deary may appear understated but the man is a legend in Liverpool, a man who, like a few others from the area, commands respect and when he doesn’t get it, it not only rankles him, but the band and his legion of fans as well.

Last year The Sums produced their debut albumIf Only… and to listen to the band, whether on C.D. or live in a sweaty room filled with people dancing at the front of the stage and behind a break out of community singing only matched by audiences of Amsterdam and Ian McNabb, is too understand The Sums.

Even half way through the opening songs of the evening, the excellent I’m Not Very Goodand the wonderful adjective of Vegetable, Digsy, Chris Mullin, Lee Watson and Chris Campbell had the jam packed audience in the Zanzibar eating out  of their hands.  There are very few bands that a certain Liverpool musician will admit to loving as intently as The Sums, and watching the audience appreciate with a mixture of genuine warmth and raw anger at the absurdity of the world the talent of this band was gratifying and beautiful. Rarely can a sweaty gig be given that moniker, bouncy, interesting are all words that suit The Sums set but beautiful?

Go take in a gig by The Sums the next time they play, let the lyrics of Small Smile, Spilt Milk and Darken My Doorstep, grant the guitars a moment to wash over you and you’ll understand, this is music at its rawest, its most intelligent and with no hint whatsoever of a nod to the establishment power that purveys outside Merseyside. This is beautiful, and Amsterdam aside, this is Liverpool.

The sweat, the music and the dancing at the front of the stage didn’t stop all evening and neither did the one line banter from Digsy to those in the audience seeking to try and get one over on him, it doesn’t work and with a grin in his eye and the phrase “alright kids” thrown in for good measure this was a night where The Sums stepped up to the mark and became a group of force.

Ian D. Hall