Review:‘Sums, The’
‘Start at the Finish’–  Album: ‘Start at the Finish’
–  Genre: ‘Indie’ –  Release Date: ’20th March 2015′
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If The Sums look and sound familiar, it’s because they’re the Liverpudlian band who used to go by the name of Smaller in the 90s. They toured with the likes of Paul Weller, Stereophonics, Catatonia and Oasis, and their front man Peter ‘Digsy’ Deary is the ‘Digsy’ in question on the Oasis track ‘Digsy’s Dinner’.‘Start at the Finish’ helpfully features a coffin on the back cover by way of illustration. Thankfully, the songs contained therein aren’t nearly as dumbed-down as all that, and while they definitely confirm to the criteria of ‘classic indie’ with some jangly guitars and bop along bouncy tunes, they’re smartly crafted and take some unexpected turns. There are some sharp lyrics thrown in, too.
In terms of delivery, Deary’s vocals range from the melodious songsmith to the gritty folkster and there are some imaginative harmonies, too. Effortlessly moving from the soulful and introspective to big stompers and incorporating elements of Merseybeat and psychedelic-tinged Britpop, ‘Start at the Finish’ is a fully rounded collection of songs that feel like a proper album.
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