Remembering Lee Watson

Lee Watson

23rd June 1968 – 22nd June 2016

The recent passing of our friend/guitarist Lee Watson was a such a shock to us all, it puts life into perspective and sheds a bit of clarity to the bigger picture.. You don’t know the moment, but its something that will happen to us all someday..

Lee’s death has touched so many people, he was such a popular and loved person by his family and friends and even people he never actually met, and of course an extremely talented musician; a very good friend, and he was a massive pain in the arse at times, but aren’t we all?

He had hands the size of his personality and a big cheesy grin, he was a very funny & loveable character, i really could go on for days with funny stories, and not so funny ones, and just plane stupid daft ones, as i’m sure many of us could also tell similar stories.

Musically, we as a band have lost a major piece of our puzzle, but to cut to the chase we have taken the negatives and turned them into positives, we have started writing tracks for the next album and i can hear what he would be playing over it, almost like he’s there playing it in my head. We have found it strangely inspiring and I’m proud to carry on channelling Lee Watson in our music, he will always be present in what we do musically. Sadly, sadly missed.

Here are some tributes left by family / friends / fans and just random people paying there respects, you can add yours if your haven’t already, or feel free to have a read.
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Memories = better!

Chris Mullin x