Start at the finish

The Sums – Start at the Finish

The Sums have  completed their 2nd full studio album ‘Start At The Finish’.

Start At The Finish is the eagerly awaited second studio album from The Sums, the album that had to happen is a story of achieving whilst being the underdog.
The band hailing from the backstreet’s of Liverpool have produced a kaleidoscope of sounds with a psychedelic twist of subtle loops and samples,Whilst not loosing sight nor sound of their 4 piece guitar driven roots with heart felt vocal arrangements The Sums embark on this musical journey from start to finish…

Launch party & After Show Party- District, Liverpool, Friday 1st May 2015

1. Start At The Finish
2. Cliche
3. Come On Down
4. I Wont
5. Nobody
6. Get Out Clause
7. Its You
8. Im Not Very Good (Feat. Dave McCabe)
9. Hose Me Down
10. Vegetable
11. Maybe One Day
12. Bad move
13. Somethings Afoot

Tracks 1 2 3 4 5 & 10 – words / music = Deary.
Tracks 6 7 8 11 12 13 – words / music = Deary / Mullin.
Track 9 – words / music = Mullin.

The album was recorded at Box Studios (MCM) Liverpool, and was produced by Chris Mullin & Pat O’Shaughnessy.

The Zutons frontman Dave McCabe features on vocals on ‘Im Not Very Good’.