The Final Push


With 96% achieved so far; the end is just round the corner, we only have 3 days left now to reach our target with Pledge, yes thats THREE days, and by the time you read this email it could be TWO days or even ONE…
You can pre order your copy of ‘Start At The Finish’ now.. download for the full album is just Β£8, and CD’s start at Β£10 or Β£15 signed.. plus other offers including personal photo shoots, appear in music video or even a gig in your living room… These are limited edition offers exclusive only to people who pledge, plus you’ll receive updates from the recording studio as and when they’re happening..

You won’t be charged until you receive your merchandise. Click here to pledge or visit

Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it.
Once again THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged so far!!