The Sums -Their New Album & Pledge Music

You might of heard, The Sums have decided to sign up to ‘Pledge Music’ to fund the next album, its a case of having to as you well know the music industry these days is dominated by manufactured shite , leaving no room for the the likes of ourselves & many other artists; leaving us to fund for ourselves whilst gobshite record companies fuel such garbage and get stinking rich without a care for real music…(sorry for the rant……. erm no im not!!!).
Its pretty sad to say but the only way we as a band can bring you another studio album at this moment in time is to win the National Lottery, Marry a Saudi oil baron, or sign up with Pledge Music, and what could be better than having your input from start to finish?
Thanks for the continued support, we dont want to get rich, we just want to make music, much love – The Sums x

Please read the following from pledge music to help you understand how it works, consider it as your pre order, well you are going to buy the album anyway arent you?

Taken from Pledge Website

PledgeMusic is a way for you to help your favourite artists make and release their records. It helps artists and bands design a tailored fundraising campaign to raise money for their next release. As a pledger, you will gain access to exclusive content and experiences, available only through PledgeMusic. The options can be anything from DJing at your house party, to attending a rehearsal, or even a movie and dinner with the band!

For traditional direct-to-fan campaigns, there is no risk to you as your money will only be taken once the artist’s target amount has been raised,* and PledgeMusic will keep you informed of the project’s status every step of the way.

In a preorder campaign, you’ll be charged immediately upon pledging, and will receive the record on release date, much as with other e-commerce preorders.

So please get involved and have a good time helping your favourite bands create more great music!

* PayPal pledges are charged immediately, but refunded if the project does not reach its target. 



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